Committees: Focus on community

Throughout the Departments of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, there are several committees that play an active role in decision making for their Departments. Committees help serve member needs through interaction with general population, gathering information, identifying policy or bylaw problems to then propose solutions and compare and evaluate alternatives. There are many reasons to join a committee, some people join for the learning experience, while others join to help people within the community.

Tribal Committees sometimes have a hard time getting people to be on board with being on a committee.

“The biggest problem we have with getting members is the time commitment,” said KSUT Committee Member, Robert Ortiz. “Most people who are on boards or a committee have a passion to help whatever entity it is they are working for.” KSUT’s committee directs the mission and focus of KSUT but ultimately the executive director has the final decision and sets the expectations of the committee. “I enjoy being part of the bigger picture and decision making such as the capital campaign of the media center,” Ortiz said.

Joyce Delaware is the Chair for the Powwow Committee, as well as a member of the Election Board. “It is really important to stabilize all codes and bylaws to help the membership,” Delaware said. Depending on what committees you sit on; you provide stability, hear responses and perform to carry those out in order to have success. “I do this to help the tribal membership in any way I can,” she said.

Being a part of a committee is being a part of the decision making of entities, identifying problems within policy and proposing solutions to make a difference as a whole in the best interest of the membership. Being part of a committee is an excellent way to go for personal development and a great way to learn more about policies and procedures within the department. 

“I do this to help tribal members and reassure them that their business stays within the membership because it is our tribe,” said Credit Committee Member, Rudley Weaver.

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