Notice of Approved Expungement Code

Southern Ute Indian Tribe

On August 2, 2017, the Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s newly enacted Expungement Code became effective. The Expungement Code is a new Title to the Tribal Code. 

The Code “provides the grounds and procedures to expunge Southern Ute criminal records where a petition is authorized under this Code. This Code’s purpose is to provide an opportunity for people who rehabilitate themselves, and who now live their lives in a manner consistent with our community’s standards, to have a second chance to live without the stigma and legal disabilities from a criminal record.” To that end, the Expungement Code provides a process that allows a person who meets strict eligibility requirements, and where the Tribal Court determines that granting the expungement is not contrary to the interests of public safety, to have one’s record of arrest, investigation, detention, and conviction expunged. 

The Code was developed by referring to other tribes’ similar codes and with participation by representatives from the Tribal Court, Department of Justice and Regulatory, and the Legal Department. For any questions, contact the Director of Justice & Regulatory, Chris Mimmack at (970) 563-2801.

You can review the Expungement Code here: Expungement Code

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