Thompson tenders resignation

Trennie Collins | SU Drum

The Southern Ute Indian Reservation – Councilman Tyson Thompson has tendered his resignation to the Southern Ute Tribal Chairman, Clement J. Frost, and the Southern Ute Tribal Council, effective August 4, 2017. Thompson was elected December 15, 2014 to serve a three-year term. He worked diligently to advance his knowledge of the tribal government, consistently providing steady and positive leadership to the Tribal Membership.

Thompson has worked tirelessly on many initiatives while in office; his efforts have provided insight into several committees. Some of which include:

Southern Ute Tribal Security Team – planning and implementation of the Tribe’s first active shooter policy and coordination of campus-wide drills.

Boys & Girls Club of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe – Ex-Officio member.

Growth Fund Management Committee – the governance and general operations oversight committee for the Southern Ute Growth Fund.

Testified to the United States Senate concerning the Tribe’s energy plans and sovereignty.

There are many instances that Thompson was an integral liaison between the Tribe’s departments, intergovernmental organizations (Los Piños Fire Protection District), the membership and the Tribal Council.

“With continued dedication and collaborative team effort, the Southern Ute Indian Tribe has a bright future,” Thompson declared.

The Southern Ute Tribal Council would like to thank Councilman Tyson Thompson for his tenacity, commitment, and contribution towards the crucial work on behalf of the Tribal Membership.

“We wish Councilman Thompson the best of luck with his future endeavors,” pronounced Chairman Clement J. Frost.

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