Accessing information on Tribal Member website

There are many approaches for communication to which the Southern Ute Tribal Council can employ to reach out to the Southern Ute tribal membership. Often, the information they wish to share is sensitive and only made available to the enrolled Southern Ute tribal members.

We are currently living in the age of technology, and more traditional means of communication have timeframes that are not comparably efficient.

An example: it takes multiple days to mail a letter to the Tribal Membership living on the reservation and longer for those who choose to live in other parts of the country. Tribal Council encourages the Tribal Membership to regularly log-on to the Tribal Member Website to see what new minutes, announcements, and events are posted. This does not go without saying that Tribal Council will continue to make efforts to communicate in various ways in order to share the messages with as many Tribal Members as possible.

If you currently to do not have access to the Tribal Member Website, please take a few moments to follow the included instructions to create an account:

  1. Go to (or click on the link provided)
  2. In the header, click on “Members”
  3. Under “Need an account?” click on the blue highlighted link “Request Access”
  4. Fill out the necessary information. (This will send a request to the Southern Ute Shared Services (SUSS) team who will verify your information and confirm your enrollment. A SUSS team member will create an account for you and send this information to the email you provided. It is important that you check your email for your log-in information.) This is only available during business hours and takes 1-2 days.
  5. Use the SUSS created log-in (that was send to your email) to access the Tribal Member website.
  6. Once you have gained access, you can change your password by following these next steps:
    1. In the right column, click on “Edit your profile”
    2. The first paragraph ends with “edit your password and account details”, click on the link to edit your log-in credentials.

If you have any difficulties with this process, please contact Lindsay Box, Communications Specialist at 970-56302313 or

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