Superheroes run for Wagner

Students and trachers get the go ahead from SunUte Fitness Director Robin Duffy-Wirth who helped organize the run at the Sun Ute Community Center Park on Saturday, May 6.
Ignacio Elementary School Vice Principal Willie Machallister attended the Superhero Fun run with his family as they finished “Bobcat Strong”.
Susann Smith, owner of Balloon Galore & More, donated her time during the Superhero fun run. Aeden Richards, Southern Ute tribal member, gets a superhero make over as runners finish up the 5k.
Ninety superheroes and two super dogs attended the run Saturday, with the help of Ignacio Elementary School Teacher Tracy Strohl, SunUte Fitness Director Robin Duffy-Wirth, Sun Ute Staff, and the Los Pinos Fire Department.
Krista Richards | Special to the Drum
Krista Richards | Special to the Drum
Krista Richards | Special to the Drum
Krista Richards | Special to the Drum

“Ignacio Elementary, Ignacio School District and the Ignacio community embraced me last fall when I became ill and underwent brain surgery. They rallied around me by sending letters, pictures, gifts, and emails. I am not able to attend the Fun Run being held in my honor on Saturday, May 6. I am in Englewood, Colorado at Craig Hospital. Craig is a rehabilitation hospital where the doctors and therapists are helping me get ready to return to teaching this fall.


They call me a superhero. I am humbled by this title; however, the entire Ignacio community has become my hero. Without their support and encouragement, I may not be where I am today.”

– Laura Wagner

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