Council invites membership to educational meeting

Southern Ute Indian Tribe

During an April 4 Special Meeting, the Southern Ute Election Board was directed to schedule an election for a Tribal Council sponsored referendum that asks membership to approve or disapprove a proposed resolution calling for the distribution of the entire remaining balance of the Sisseton Settlement Funds. The vote will take place on Thursday, May 4.

Tribal Council will host an educational meeting for membership at the Sky Ute Casino Events Center on Monday, May 1 from 1:30-4:30 p.m. At this meeting an overview of the Sisseton Settlement will be provided (origins of the Lawsuit and justification of the Settlement), as well as a review of the Tribe’s past lawsuits and how those awards have been handled. Additionally, Council will detail its plans for the remaining Sisseton Settlement Funds if the referendum is unsuccessful and Chairman’s priorities will be explained.

This is a special meeting, not a General Meeting, and as such there will be a narrow focus on select topics. It is open to tribal membership only. Accommodations will be made for elders and members who require assistance.


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