Prescribed ditch burns near Ignacio

Between April 4 and April 7, 2017 the BIA Southern Ute Agency, Fire Management Office is planning to conduct two prescribed ditch burns on the Pine River Indian Irrigation Project (PRIIP) near Ignacio, Colorado.

Both sites are located on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation. The first burn will take place on a 2000’ long section of the Dry Creek Lateral Ditch – near the intersection of County Roads 314 and 316, north-northwest of Ignacio. The second burn will take place on a 1,700’ long section of the Nannice Ditch – along the southern end of County Road 518, northeast of Ignacio.

The purpose of the burning is to clear dead grass, cattails, and other vegetation from the ditch channels in order to improve ditch capacity and water delivery. Smoke may be visible in the Pine River Valley.

The exact day and time of each burn is dependent on weather and burning conditions yet both are expected to be completed by Friday, April 7.

For more information regarding the project, please contact the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Fire Management Office at (970) 563-4571.




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