Solid Waste Program Reminders

Photo Credit: SU Utilities Divison

The Southern Ute Utilities Division Solid Waste Program provides a reliable and convenient way for Southern Ute Tribal customers to dispose of their trash. This is a wonderful program that is FREE of charge to Southern Ute Tribal members and Southern Ute Tribal Departments. Here are some friendly reminders to follow at the Transfer Station:

This is the list of items that are acceptable to take to the Transfer Station and there are specific places for you to put them. This will help to ensure proper disposal of all items.

  • General household garbage
  • Chemicals and oil common to household use such as cleaning supplies and motor oil.
  • Branches, leaves, and burnable lumber – take these items to the burn pile

The following items can be set aside by the shed:

  • Latex and oil based house paints
  • Home appliances, refrigerators, and freezers
  • Home electronics
  • Car batteries

As always, there is help available to anyone that needs assistance. If the Solid Waste Monitor is not available, you can either call the office at 970-563-5500 for assistance or simply go inside the office building and they will get someone to help you.

The following items are NOT allowed:

  • Construction, remodeling, or home and property demolition debris
  • Commercial or contractor debris
  • Chemicals and oil common in commercial or industrial product use
  • Concrete, masonry, and rocks
  • Dead animals
  • Stumps or logs that are greater than 6 inches in diameter
  • Vehicles and trailers
  • Tires – except during the Spring and Fall Clean Up events
  • Poisons

If you have a question on whether or not an item is acceptable to take to the Transfer Station, please call Utilities at 970-563-5500.

Every Tribal member that would like to utilize the Transfer Station is required to register annually at the Utilities Office Building (right next to the Transfer Station) to receive a vehicle pass that will allow access to the Station. Please understand that Utilities will issue vehicle passes to ensure that only Tribal member trash is accepted. This will help guarantee continued free service to all customers.

When taking items to the Transfer Station, customers are allowed to dump no more than 5 cubic yards of personal trash per week. That’s quite a bit of trash, it is just about 8 feet long by 4 feet wide by 4 feet deep, which is the size of a heaping full size truck bed. Out of consideration for other tribal members, if you have more personal trash than the allocated amount of 5 cubic yards per week, the Bondad landfill will accept 3 cubic yards per month for Southern Ute tribal members and tribal employees. The Bondad landfill requires that you bring your tribal identification card.

Trash pickup can be a little confusing sometimes, so here is some clarification. Residents have to have their polycarts at the side of the road by 6:30 am of their scheduled pickup day. If you do not have your cart out by 6:30 am then you are taking the chance of your trash not getting picked up that day. If you had your polycart out in the right place by the right time and it still was not collected, you will need to notify Utilities within 24 hours to obtain a special pickup. However, if you did not have your polycart out in the right place by the right time and therefore missed your pickup, you will have to wait until the following week’s regular pickup. Or, if you simply cannot wait until the next week, you can request a special pickup but please understand that you will be charged a fee of $30 each time.

Elders and handicapped customers may have their polycarts picked up at their home, instead of the road. You will have to contact the Utilities office to make arrangements. The trash contractor will place blue stakes at the entrance of the customer’s driveway indicating the need for this service.

Last, the Transfer Station hours of operation are posted at the front gates. However, please keep in mind that the Station is closed on holidays and may close when administrative leave is granted or if there is inclement weather without prior notice. If you have any questions regarding service that the Utilities Division provides, please contact us at 970-563-5500 and we will be happy to help you.

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