Red and Thompson mix-it-up with SUIMA students

Southern Ute Tribal Councilman Tyson Thompson chats with Upper and Lower Elementary students of the Southern Ute Montessori Indian Academy during the “Mix It Up” luncheon.
Southern Ute Tribal Councilman Adam Red enjoys the “Mix It Up” luncheon with Kaycee Jefferson and Miguel Red and other students of the Southern Ute Montessori Academy.
Lindsay Box | SU Council Affairs
Lindsay Box | SU Council Affairs



Every month the Southern Ute Indian Montessori Academy students invite tribal departments as well as Tribal Council to partake in a social luncheon called, “Mix It Up”.

This month the Tribal Rangers and Councilmen Adam Red and Tyson Thompson enjoyed lunch with both the Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary students.

“The goal is to bring a different aspect of socialization to students,” Ms. Mari Jo Owens, SUIMA guide, hyped. The luncheon was relaxed and fun-filled with cooperative activities at each table. Councilman Red enjoyed meeting the younger membership stating, “These interactions are great. I hope that by coming today and attending in the future, I can develop positive relationships with the youth now with the hopes those relationships carry over into adulthood.”

The Lower Elementary students enjoyed having pizza with their guests, then round dancing as a large group. Next, Councilmen Red and Thompson partnered with an Upper Elementary students through a process of matching the Ute word given to each attendee. The pair worked on their creative writing skills, naming and describing a new candy.

“I look forward to attending future Mix-it-Ups with the Academy students. My goal is to engage with the Upper Elementary students. It was also great to see the Rangers really enjoying the experience, sharing what their job entails with the youth,” expressed Thompson.

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