Baidwan receives National Manager Distinction award

Chairman Clement J. Frost awards the National Manager Distinction Award to Jess Baidwan, Custodial Services Supervisor on Thursday, Nov. 10. Baidwan's achievements have been recognized in the Facility Cleaning Decisions Magazine along with six other recipients.
Damon Toledo | The Southern Ute Drum

The Southern Ute Indian Tribe has recognized Jess Baidwan (Custodial Supervisor for the Southern Ute Permanent Fund) by honoring him with the National Manager Distinction Award for his and his fellow staff members’ dedication to providing a clean environment.

Baidwan’s award in cleanliness was given by the Facility Cleaning Decisions Magazine along with five other recipients, who were nominated among 100 individuals total.

Baidwan who has serviced the tribe since January 2009, starting as supervisor for the Wood Yard, stated that he felt overwhelmed to be nominated out of the many individuals and gave thanks to community members and his fellow staff.

“It was humbling to even be nominated,” he said. “My crew members nominated me back in the spring, and I didn’t even know I was even going to win, so I was overwhelmed by getting the award. I really want to thank my team, because without them going out and embracing the changes we’re making, it just really wouldn’t have been possible … it does tell me we’re doing a lot of things right as a crew. I also want to thank the tribal executives who supported me in pushing for higher standards of cleaning – it’s definitely beneficial to everyone.”

He gained recognition by encouraging the use of NanoSeptic cleaners in the Permanent Fund facilities, which have been praised in creating cleaner, healthier places to live, work and play by using nanotechnology-powered, self-cleaning surfaces. One example that was given is the NanoSeptic Peel-and-Stick Skins, which provide a self-cleaning touch point for door push pads, push bars, handle wraps, desktop skins, or even grocery cart handle wraps.

Another cleanliness tool that has been added is the Franke spray, which is ozone generated sanitizing spray for cleaning in various rooms.

All NanoSeptic products can be purchased in their generic form or branded specifically for any business or organization.

Baidwan stated that he encourages community members to undertake in a clean living space by stating, “I have a constant education for hand hygiene, so I always encourage the same for the community membership as well – please wash your hands.”


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