A chip off the old block

Ignacio Motorcycle Riders Group (IMRG) themed ice sculpture that was displayed at the IMRG Durango Rendezvous Banquet Friday, June 10. Sky Ute Casino Resort employees, George Boughan and Gary Scherer carved the sculpture for the event.
Sky Ute Casino Resort

Have you ever wondered how an ice sculpture takes form? If you’re thinking an ice pick and delicate chippings, think again. It all begins with … a chainsaw!

We’re pleased to introduce the Casino’s very own ice artist, Executive Sous Chef Gary Scherer, creator of many of the delicious offerings in Seven Rivers. Scherer learned the obscure art of ice sculpture several years ago in California, where a Japanese expert trained him. His new apprentice is George Boughan, who has recently moved from the Willows line to Seven Rivers.

The Indian Motorcycle Riders Group wanted a dramatic centerpiece for their dinner reception. Scherer and Boughan set about creating one for them. Scherer started by chain sawing the big pieces away, called “cutting the verticals.” Then the fine work begins. Boughan carved all of the details using chisels, dremels, and smaller saws.

One has to work quickly because, well, it’s ice. The finished product is shown below. It created quite a dramatic centerpiece, especially with the changing color of lights that illuminated it.

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