Smaller roads, larger dangers



Shoshone Avenue is a small road. It has barely enough room for two lanes and the occasional car parked on the shoulder. We witnessed how it was turned into a morning and afternoon speedway during the Ignacio stoplight project. While we were setting up the speed trailer to warn drivers, one driver accelerated to nearly 45 mph when he hit the speed bump; the bump is harsh at the 15 mph speed limit. The bump was unforgiving at his speed. The radar was not out at the moment during its setup but it was easy for us to watch the consequences of excessive speed beating the vehicle apart.

As humans, we are an impatient lot. We like to get where we need to go and we usually need to get there fast. When it comes to side streets, alleys, back roads and the small roads, we tend to ignore the recommended safe speed limits and we suffer the resulting consequences.

Small roads tend to hide their dangers. Limited sight, small children playing between parked cars, pets running into traffic, speed bumps, hidden pot holes and trees covering signs – small roads carry a variety of dangers. Please slow down on the smaller roads. The Southern Ute Police Department cares for your driving safety.


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