Local businesses support BGC

The Boys & Girls Club club members pose with one of the lucky local 7-2-11 staff member while enjoying their ice cream reward. Left to right are: Tavian Box, Micah Chee, Kieley Whitethunder, Diane Carter, Cyrus Naranjo, and Gabe Cox.
The local 7-2-11 was winning entity for the Boys & Girls Club Valentines Fundraiser.
Boys & Girls Club
Boys & Girls Club

Customers were asked to purchase a heart for at least a dollar each and allowed to write their names to be displayed in the windows of the business. A few local businesses participated in supporting the BGC Valentines Fundraiser and agreed to a little friendly competition. The business that sold the most hearts and generated the most financial support would be rewarded with a healthy snack prepared by our Club Members.

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