“If You SEE Something, SAY Something™”

Sacha Smith | The Southern Ute Drum


People in our community know best if something doesn’t belong, or something just doesn’t look right and is out of place.

The Department of Homeland Security started a program a few years ago to encourage communities to speak up and help protect their own communities.

The “If You SEE Something, SAY Something” program has been around, but very few people have heard about what it means. It was developed to help people observe and report suspicious activity that could indicate terrorism or terrorism-related crime.

It is a simple idea that is very effective when it is used on our reservation. Examples of things out of place would be: Picture taking at public building entrances and exits; extended loitering without explanation; unusual items left unattended in an odd location; vehicles parked in concealed places or hard to get to locations; people entering a restricted area; packages left under vehicles or under benches; windows or doors left propped up for no visible reason.

These are all things that may or not be innocent, but since we live here, we recognize the ones that are really suspicious. This is why we can speak up and call law enforcement to check it out.

Law enforcement can get a call that leads us to a tourist taking more pictures than normal. More than once we have received calls about the strange white truck that turns out to be the Southern Ute Tribal Surveyor. Even more calls have been received about the Department of Wildlife using a helicopter to aerial survey animals.

However, law enforcement has received more useful calls that we have been able to use the information to prevent crimes and protect property. It is up to law enforcement to determine whether the behavior warrants investigation.

The Southern Ute Police Department wants to remind you that public safety is everyone’s responsibility. We rely on you to be partners with us to serve the community together.



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