Tax Season: What you need from Tribal Info. Services


Tax season, like all the other seasons, is unavoidable. To help prepare you for your visit to your tax provider the Tribal Information Services Department (TIS) has compiled a list of services they provide to the membership during this time of year.


For tribal members living within the exterior boundaries of either the Southern Ute or Ute Mountain Reservations:

  • TIS will provide you a Verification Letter. The Verification Letter provides your tax provider proof that you indeed reside within the boundaries of one of the two reservations.
  • If you are a Southern Ute tribal member living on the Ute Mountain Ute Reservation please call the Southern Ute Vital Statistic Office for a Verification Letter. Ute Mountain tribal members residing within the Southern Ute Reservation boundaries can contact the Ute Mountain’s Vital Statistics Office for a Verification Letter at 970-565-3751.
  • If you are a Southern Ute tribal member residing within the Ute Mountain Ute Reservation, please call ahead to allow the Southern Ute Vitals Office time to verify your address with the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe.
  • TIS also recommends you keep your physical and mailing addresses up to date to avoid any delays.
  • To save time, call ahead. The Vitals Statistics Office can have your Verification Letter ready for you when you arrive. Upon request, your Verification Letter can also be faxed to your tax provider.


Tribal members living outside the exterior boundaries of either reservation:

  • Tribal members who reside off reservation fail to satisfy the residency requirement which is a key factor under federal case law for claiming exemption from State income taxes and, therefore, payments received from the Tribe probably must be reported and probably are subject to State income taxation. Tribal members who reside off-reservation, however, should consult with a tax professional as to whether any exemptions exist under the laws of the state, which they reside.
  • TIS will not provide Verification Letters to tribal members living outside of either reservation. If you are unsure if you reside within the exterior boundaries of the reservation you can call the Vital Statistics Office, who will verify your physical address with the tribe’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division.


The Southern Ute Vital Statistics Office can be reached at 970-563-0100 ext. 2302.






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