Downs-Glass appointed interim Tribal Credit Division Head

Mrs. Lovvis Downs-Glass was recently appointed as the interim Tribal Credit Division Head. Mr. Matt Morishige has been the Tribal Credit Head but has accepted a new lending position in Durango. His last day with the tribe’s Permanent Fund will be March fourth. Matt has worked hard and diligently, built the Credit Division almost up from scratch and served the tribe well in bringing us this far along.

Mrs. Glass was originally hired by the Southern Ute Tribe in January, 2010, as the Wildlife Administrative Assistant. She was there to help you with hunting, fishing, crossing permits or bison meat. In November of 2015, Lovvis moved to the Finance Department as the tribe’s Contract & Grant Writer Specialist. Mrs. Glass has an extensive background in banking, mortgage loan closings, real estate documentation and escrow accounting. Please come visit Lovvis in the Tribal Credit office on the second floor of the tribe’s Leonard C. Burch Bldg. to discuss your home loan options.

“I look forward to serving the Members in my new role,” said Downs-Glass.

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