SunUte Closing Basketball Courts

Heating and Venting/AC Replacement Project

The SunUte Community Center is scheduled to close the gymnasium/basketball courts to replace the basketball court’s heating/venting and air-conditioning (HVAC) system. This project is necessary to replace the gymnasium’s aging HVAC system that supplies the proper combination of fresh, temperature controlled air. This capital improvement project is scheduled by the Tribe’s Construction & Project Management Department (C&PM) to take place between March 7th and May 7th. Due to the amount of work required to reroute air conduit, electric lines, and air exchange systems, it was deemed necessary to close the gym to the public for the duration of the project. This closure is to insure public safety and to also support an efficient working environment to finish the project as quickly as possible.

Closing of the gym does not affect any other part of the SunUte Community Center. The Pool, Fitness Floor, Tumbling-Tots, Active-Kid-Care and Group-X classes will all be available as scheduled. Programing most affected by the closure will be the Boys & Girls Club (BGC) and SunUte’s Recreation Division. Boys & Girls Club operations will remain the same. Other arrangements for physical activities are being made during the gym closure. BGC will notify parents of all changes in schedules.

SunUte’s Recreation Division scheduled youth basketball leagues earlier than usual this year to address the closure, as they will be limited in the type of indoor recreation programing the Division can offer while the gym is closed. Recreation will still be hosting the MAYB tournament on March 19, which will be held at the Ignacio High School. Also, during the closure SunUte and Grounds Maintenance staff will be clearing the outdoor basketball courts, depending upon weather, on a regular basis for those willing to take the game outside.

If you typically visit the SunUte Community Center to use the indoor basketball courts we strongly encourage you to investigate the many other health and fitness opportunities available at SunUte. Other opportunities include, but are not limited to; stationary cardio machines, free weights, taking a Group-X exercise class to focus on your core, attend one of our new Yoga classes, schedule a time with one of our free fitness trainers to develop a work out regiment custom tailored specifically for you, challenge yourself to swimming laps, or simply sweat it out and relax in our all cedar dry-sauna.

For questions, comments, or more information please contact the SunUte Community Center at 970-563-0214 or visit our website at


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