Attention Southern Ute Veterans and S.U. families

The 2016 Southern Ute Tribal Calendar featuring Southern Ute Veterans is almost completed.

The Southern Ute Drum is reaching out to you – the Southern Ute Veteran or the family of a S.U. Veteran in providing information to complete the calendar.

Names with (+) indicates deceased veterans, names with a (*) indicates we have a military photo of the veteran. Names (IN BOLD) indicate we don’t have branch of military service. We would also like to include full names in the calendar.

If you have information or would like to include a veteran photo in Military Uniform for the 2016 Southern Ute Tribal “Veterans” calendar, please submit by 5 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 14 to the Southern Ute Drum office. We are located at 357 Ouray Dr., Ignacio, Colo., 81137.


+Frank S. Baker (Army) *

+James Spencer Baker (Army)

+Julius Elliot Cloud (Army) *

+Andrew Frost (Army)

+Andrew Richards (Army)

+John P. Washington (Army)


+Carl Baker (Army) *

+Cassismero Baker (Air Force) *

+Eugene Spencer Baker (Army) *

+John Edward Baker Sr. (Army)

+Randolph Baker

+William Bean

+Frank Bean (Navy)

+Annie William Bettini (Army) *

+Albert Box (Army) *

+David Bent Box (Army) *

+Dorothy Burch Box (Navy) *

+Edward Bent Box Sr. (Navy) *

+Fritz Bent Box (Army)

+Anthony Cloud Burch (Army) *

+Allen Norris Carel (Army)

+Manuel Head Casias (Army) *

+Paul G. Eaton (Army)

+Billy Burns Frost (Army)

+Graves S. Gunn (Army) *

+Jose E. Head (Army)

+Alden Naranjo Sr. (Army) *

+Jose M. Ortiz (Army)

+Domingo Paul (Army)

+Frank Baker Pena Sr. (Navy) (Korea)

+Claude Red Price (Army) *

+Albert Redd Sr. (Army) *

+Melvin Eaton Red (Army)

+Maurice L. Sage Sr. (Army)

+Juan J. Silva (Army)

+Sunshine Nash Cloud Smith (Army) *

+Charles E. Spencer (Army)

+John Chavo Taylor (Air Force)

+McKean Taylor (Army) (MIA/KIA)

+Morgan Thompson (Army) *

+William Salazar Thompson (Army)

+Joseph P. Tree (Army – Ret.) *

+Faustine Tucson (Army) *

+John Taylor Valdez (Army) *

+Wilbur K. Washington (Army) *

+Andrew Spencer Williams (Army) *

+Woodrow H. Williams (Army) *


+Clem Edgren Baker

Austin Box (Air Force) *

+Floyd Box (Army)

+Phillip G. Box

+Rhodes Box

Russell Box Sr. (Air Force) *

+Herman Brown

+Leonard Cloud Burch (Air Force) *

+Julius Elliott Cloud (Army)

Neil Buck Cloud (Navy)

Marvin Edward Cook (Navy) *

+Richard W. Cuthair (Air Force)

+Harvey Frost Sr.

Raymond Frost Sr. (Army) *

+Vincent Howard Grove (Army) *

+Harold Jerome Groves

Orville George Hood (Marines) *

James M. Jefferson

+Marcus Lopez

Antonio Monte (Air Force)

+Martha Burch Myore (Army)

+Darrell Drake Newton (Army)

+Gilbert Newton (Army)

Roger Newton

+Frank Baker Pena Sr. (Navy)(WWII)*

Leroy Taylor Pinnecoose (Army) *

+Stanley Pinnecoose (Army) *

+Fernando Head Rael (Marines)

+Ivan Redd Sr. (Army)

+Bryan Rock Jr. (Marines) *

Donald William Rock (Marines)

+Ray Sage Sr. (Army)

+Johnson E. Taylor

Arthur Weaver Sr. (Army) *

+Clifford Weaver (Army) *

+Lawrence South Weaver

+Gilbert Washington Sr. (Army)


Daniel Baker

+David James Baker (Army)

Ernest B. Baker (Army)

John E. Baker Jr. (Army)

Randy Joseph Baker Sr. (Army) *

Ronnie Clark Baker (Army) *

+Teddy Baker (Army)

+Clyde Box (National Guard)

Edward Box Jr. (National Guard)

+Dennis E. Burch (Army) *

+Everett B. Burch (Air Force)

Robert Burch

+Vernest Carel (Army)

+Stewart Roger Cloud (Army)

+Clifford C. Cook (Army) *

Clement Johnson Frost (Army)

Ray Clement Frost (Army)

Roderick Lee Grove (Army) *

+Don Emerson Howe (Army) *

+Elwood Howe (Army)

Jeffery L. Jefferson (Army)

Hardy Joy Sr. (Marines)

+Norman Kuebler

Alden Burch Naranjo Jr. (National Guard)

+Eugene Arthur Naranjo (National Guard)

Roland Dean Weaver Norris (Army)

+Roger Earl Price (Army) *

Howard Dean Richards Sr. (Army) *

+Harold Silva (Army)

+Vincent Silva Jr. (Army) *

+Maurice Levey Sage Jr. (Army)

+Gene Arthur Thompson (Army)

+Raymond Valdez

Tim Watts (Army)

+Dudley Leon Weaver (Army)

+Eric Weaver (Marines)

Arthur Johnny Weaver (Army) *

Dennis O. Washington

Gilbert Washington Jr. (Air Force – Ret.) *

John B. Washington

Stanford Washington (Army)

+Glenn Williams (Army)


Loni Nicole Acevedo (Army) *

Dewitte J. Baker (Army) *

+Dewayne Baker (Army) *

Raymond Albert Baker (Navy – Ret.) *

Mary Christine Carrol

Kathy Lynn Chavez (Marines)

Jack McClure Frost Jr. (Marines)

Raymond Frost Jr. (Air Force)

Vernon S. Frost

Raymond Wells Kuebler

David Latham

Drake Jackson Monte

William John Monte

James Earl Price Jr. (Navy) *

+Jeffery Price (Navy) *

David Rainblood Rael (Army) *

Toni Anita Rael (Army) *

Ronald W. Rock (Army)

Zackary Rock (Marines)

+Charles Santistevan (Army)

Robert B. Thompson (National Guard)

Mark Edward Torres (Navy) *

Andrew J. TwoCrow (Marines) *

Wendell Bruce Valdez (Army)

+Eldred Alvin Vigil Jr. (Marines)

Elroy Arvin Vigil (Marines)

Ruben Kyle Vigil

Gilbert Washington Jr. (Air Force – Ret.) (Vietnam)

Alden Weaver (Marines/Army) *

Rudley Weaver (Navy) *

Wilford Weaver Jr. (Army)

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