Eagle appointed as Executive Officer

Ramona Y. Eagle is the Southern Ute Permanent Fund’s Co-Executive Officer as of Dec. 1. She joins current Executive Officer, Michelle Taylor Cruz.
Photo Credit: Damon Toledo | The Southern Ute Drum

Former Vice Chairwoman of Southern Ute Indian Tribal Council, Ramona Y. Eagle was officially appointed the position of Executive Officer for the Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s Permanent Fund on Tuesday, Dec. 1. She joins Michelle Taylor Cruz in the Executive Office where she will continue to assist the tribe.

The tribe bid farewell to Eagle from Tribal Council, but in a surprise announcement by Southern Ute Chairman Clement J. Frost, welcomed her back the same day.

“I want to thank [Chairman Frost] for considering me for the position,” she stated. “He was looking into several people for the position, and he saw the consistency with my performance as Vice Chairwoman.”

Throughout her work history, Eagle has held a position in Human Resources as well as Tribal Treasurer. She served a total of ten years in Tribal Council, focusing on the fundamentals of tribal sovereignty and education. She has also held positions in TERO, management committee, parent education committee, and SUCAP, just to name a few of the many.

Eagle stated she hopes tribal members and employees will come to her for direction.

“I will have an open office. I will listen to any tribal members who have concerns, and I will do what I can to guide them however they need. With my experience serving the people, I want them to know I’m here to help them.”

Eagle said that support from her family and fellow tribal members fuel her ambitions in succeeding.

“My family has supported me, so I want to thank them. I additionally want to thank the tribal membership and those who believed in me to be their spokesperson. I’m here for the people, and I will help them through their issues.”

The Executive Office position has been vacant since the resignation of Janelle Doughty in September of this year.

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