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Southern Ute General Election Candidate Statements


Lorelei Cloud


My name is Lorelei Cloud, and I am running for Southern Ute Tribal Council in the general election. I am the daughter of Gayla Smith and Celestino Martinez- igyapu. My grandparents were Sunshine Cloud Smith- igyapu, Diamond Smith- igyapu, Virginia Cox- igyapu and Patricio Martinez- igyapu.

I currently work at Red Willow Production Company as the Land Assistant Supervisor; I started in an entry level position and worked my way up to a Supervisor in the Land Department. I also assist with integrating the Ute culture into Red Willow, so that all employees know who we are as Ute people and who they work for. Previously, I worked at Sky Ute Sand and Gravel as an office clerk, the Southern Ute Indian Housing Authority as the Junior Accountant/Human Resources; Bank of Colorado (formerly Burns National Bank) as the Customer Service Supervisor/Proof Supervisor; and First National Bank of Farmington in the Cash Management department. I also am on the Southern Ute Growth Fund Art Committee, the Southern Ute Growth Fund Traveling Team, and I am a currently serving my second term as a member of the Tribal Member Employment Advisory Committee (TMEAC). I have also committed myself to learning our Ute Language, and have been attending the Ute Language class for the past 4 years.

I was raised by my Grandmother Sunshine Cloud Smith- igyapu and my grandmother’s eldest sister, Minnie Nash Cloud- igyapu. I was taught our traditional way of life, which I still live by and hold dear to my heart. I participate in our Sweat, Bear Dance and Sundance ceremonies. I am also an active participant in our Annual Southern Ute Fair.

I am passionate about our Ute people and our culture. Our ancestors and past leaders have worked very hard and sacrificed for the things what we have today. The Southern Ute Tribe is abundant; there is plenty of money for all us -but we can’t let money be the focus of our lives. We need to put our people, culture, and traditions first. Our world is changing daily, and we need to make sure that the Ute people survive and thrive. We have a lot of internal fighting among our tribal members. Sometimes it seems as though we would rather tear each other down than build each other up. Our anger and hatred for each other has to come to an end. We need to become a united people once again. We need to heal and rise above all the negativity, and leave it in the past. Our children deserve to move forward in their lives without this continued anger and pain.

All of our decisions should be made with our future in mind. Our children and their children are our future. They are going to keep the Tribe alive. We need to empower them to be the best they can be. Let’s instill in our youth the language, the culture, the traditions and the power to be whatever they choose, and we should support them in the process. Our youth need to be confident and stand strong. Recently, two women completed Army Ranger training. In addition, several young people built their own companies and are successful. Our Ute people are capable to reach these same goals and more. We need to help our people obtain proper work ethics, so that they can get any job anywhere. Investing in our youth is the best thing that we can do for ourselves.

We also need our employees to respect the Ute people that they work for. There are policies and procedures in place in all entities of the Southern Ute Tribe; but things are still taking place where people think that these rules don’t apply to them. If we are to obtain the next level of success, we need to stand together and hold all employees of the tribe accountable. No one is exempt. We all work for the Southern Ute people and the people are unsatisfied with the quality of services that we receive. This must be improved, including the areas of employment and getting a land assignment. Our housing situation on the reservation hasn’t improved in the past 10+ years. Our people need homes. They need jobs. We need to employ our own people. We need to create more apprenticeship and trainee programs to help employ our people. We must help each other succeed and live up to our potential. United we stand – Divided we fall.

I am respectfully asking to be of service to the Southern Ute People. I want to see unification among our people. I want the Ute people to prosper and to be empowered. Please come out November 6th and vote. Vote for integrity and accountability.



Renee J. Cloud

“Vote for a Change”

“A voice for Tribal Members”


Hello, Southern Ute Tribe-Membership,

First of all, my name is Renee J. Cloud who has been nominated by independent Southern Ute Elders as their candidate for this seat. Due to my knowledge about the Tribe, the departments and how our Government operates.


I am traditional I speak and understand Ute fluently; I have worked in several Tribal departments; served on several committees i.e. Ute language committee, Enrollment Committee, and Tribal Health Advisory. I was on Tribal Council, and with other councilors laid the foundation/planning of the Casino; created the Growth Fund, and implemented the Financial Plan. Besides work experience I also have several business degrees in management and leadership.



My platform is based on the overall Tribal Government operations, and how elected official’s administer departments and programs.


Tribal Issues

Currently and on-going there are issues pertaining to Health, Personnel, Hiring, Tribal Court, Ignacio School System, and Federal Funding for SUCAP, etc. The most important issue for all of us to understand is the Financial Plan which is subject to change for FY 2017. Within this plan our Per Capita may be cut, and we will receive less funds. Tribal Council has approved this new plan.

Other issues is; Tribal Council approved a “Flex work schedule” for Tribal Staff, a four day work week starting on November 01, 2015.

In the Tribal Health program Tribal Council put a cap on how much funds an individual can use for vision and dental programs without research.

Tribal Council has continuously made on-going changes to the Constitution without our vote or obtaining Secretary of Interior Approval.


If Elected

My plan is to express the need to acknowledge Resolution 99-07 regarding the long-term Financial Plan. Within this plan it states the per capita distribution is to be in perpetuity for current and future Tribal members. This needs to be acknowledged by Tribal Council, and that it be considered in every Financial Plan discussion and implementation.

-Recommend changes in the Health Care Program & restore the Health Advisory Committee.

– Restore the Elders Committee to assist elders with their needs.

– Promote Work Ethics and Ethic Conduct, and Drug Policies

– Recommend Financial Accountability for all Tribal Departments, Audits as needed.

Recommending that there be no more weekly work sessions with any Tribal operations and departments or entities. All business issues be presented and discussed on the schedule Council Meetings.



Tribal members need individuals on Tribal Council who will help resolve issues of concern; Adhere to their administrative duties as elected officials in a professional manner. I am confident I can be this Councilor. So with that I am asking for your vote of confidence on November 6, 2015.


Elect Renee J. Cloud for Tribal Council


Thank you and God Bless You.


Kevin R. Frost

Greetings Tribal Members,


I’m Kevin Frost and I am a candidate for the upcoming November 2015 Tribal Council election. My parents are Ray Frost and Jean Frost. My grandparents were Jack and Annette Frost. The time is now to fix issues that affect our daily lives.

There are three things to consider when voting:


How has the Tribal Government failed us?


We must work together to meet our basic needs of food, shelter, personal security, financial security as well as health and well being. Employing our members first and allowing our members to develop skills on the job will directly help our members provide for themselves and their families. If we want a home as well as a land assignment there should be no obstacles in helping us. Foster childcare needs improvement so we need to work together to find a solution that benefits our children first. Issues with Law Enforcement and Tribal Courts need attention. If there are unrecognized complaints or Civil Rights violations we need to resolve them and if necessary get appropriate Agencies involved. It’s time to stop neglecting the needs of our off reservation members. If they want home ownership we need to find a way to assist them. Finally, we need to deal with our Descendants. Let’s work together and vote on this issue. We can’t plan for our future if we don’t know our numbers.


How can the Tribal Government help you succeed?


Hiring practices need to be changed. We need to actively recruit Tribal Members first even if that requires more schooling, training, or childcare. If you plan on moving back to the reservation there must be adequate housing. We need to invest more in Tribal Member tailored substance abuse and mental health programs. We have to start grooming and preparing our children to provide a sustainable future for our Tribe. Educational enrichment programs will help our kids begin to decide for themselves what interests them and if their interest will blossom in to a career. Tribal Members students should be given a second chance to fulfill their educational dreams even if it requires forgiving Tribal student loan debt. Everyone deserves a second chance.


When will we be ready to run our Government and our Enterprises?


When members decide to change careers we need to provide support at all levels. New jobs will be developed as the needs arise. In today’s changing world we have to be able to adapt to existing and emerging markets. Tribal Members that meet the minimum requirements for their field need guaranteed jobs. The road to self-sufficiency can happen if we trust our members and allow them the chance to perform. This includes our ventures off the reservation. We need Doctors, Lawyers, Business and Financial Specialists, Teachers, Farmers, Ranchers, as well as Laborers to name a few so we can skillfully prepare for our future.


The days of Tribal Council dictating our direction without our consideration is outdated. We must work together to build a sustainable reservation. The best ideas come from those we often overlook.


Are you ready to answer the call and help our people?




Kevin Frost


Council candidate Alex S. Cloud, did not submit a statement.


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