Election talk

Tribal elder, Judy Lansing, holds a discussion with Kevin Frost during the meeting.
Photo Credit: Damon Toledo | The Southern Ute Drum

A group Southern Ute tribal elders hosted a meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 6 to discuss the upcoming General Election November 6. The attending elders have expressed strong support for Renee Cloud and Kevin Frost in filling the seats for Tribal Council. “It’s been evident in this administration that no one goes by their job description,” tribal elder, Lynda Grove-D’Wolf said. “Now we have to help decide who runs for office. I’m campaigning on Renee and Kevin’s side because they have the education and experience. We need a council that understands.” The November election will feature candidates, Alex S. Cloud, Kevin R. Frost, Marjorie Borst, Renee J. Cloud, and Lorelei Cloud.

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