Presidential Candidate Ben Carson addresses Animas disaster

Republican Presidential Candidate, Ben Carson, speaks at Rotary Park in Durango.
Photo Credit: Damon Toledo | The Southern Ute Drum

Republican Presidential Candidate Ben Carson stopped by the Animas River in Durango’s Rotary Park on Tuesday, Aug. 18 to comment on the recent EPA disaster from the Gold King Mine Spill that occurred near Silverton on Aug. 5, leaving over 3 million gallons of waste into the river.

“I want the EPA to understand that they are subjected to making mistakes just live everyone else,” Carson said. “ We need cleaner ways of extracting minerals without people controlling everyone else’s lives. I think we are at a point where people must stand up for what they believe in.”

When asked if the EPA deserved to be sued by native tribes and other counties, “I don’t think under that rule. Instead of suing government officials, I would bring in people who understand the Constitution and put them in charge.”

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