Amy J. Barry: Tribal Council activity report and update

Photo Credit: Sacha Smith | The Southern Ute Drum


Sunshine Cloud Youth Advisory Council

  • Jimmy Newton Jr. Youth Leadership Conference held in 06/2015
  • Formal Introduction of Youth Council to General Membership at General Meeting
  • Shadowing Tribal Council with SCSYAC member for the summer
  • SCSYAC attended Unity Leadership Conference in Washington DC with report given to Tribal Council
  • Skate Park Work Session with SunUte Staff and Site Visits
  • Networking with State Officials to address Education Initiatives through CCIA
  • Ute Museum Expansion Presentation and Request for Input Completed
  • Tribal Health Philosphy discussion for future expansion
  • Gardening Initiative with Marge Borst and the Bison Education Program
  • Disbursement of School Supplies to Students at Hall of Warriors


PowWow Committee

  • Planning of Bear Dance PowWow with Committee
  • Attended Bear Dance PowWow
  • Attend meetings as schedule allows due to conflicts with SCSYAC and SUCCM Board Meetings


AAIHB (Albuquerque Area Indian Health Board)

  • Attended monthly meetings with the exception of July
  • Attended IHS/HHS Consultations regarding Direct Services
  • Provided AAIHB w/monthly updates on SUIT Health Dept/Clinic status



  • Audit Presentation and Approval to the Board
  • Marketing Plan Presentation – Lamar Advertising
  • Proposed By-Law Edits presented by D. Lorrigan for Review
  • Election of Secretary/Treasurer – Phil Price
  • Maximizing Fundraising/Philanthropic Activities
  • Reviewed Applications for Director and Tabled until MOA is approved
  • Work Session with Tribal Council on future of SUCCM



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