Managing your money

Managing money isn’t always easy. With everyday life expenses, many find it hard to ever get ahead. Luckily for tribal members, the Tribal Credit Division is offering financial literacy classes aimed at money management.

“We’re on our first course now,” Tribal Credit Division Head Matt Morishige said. “It’s a great way to learn the basics of handling your money.”

The financial literacy course is a four-week program with participants meeting once a week for three and a half hours, Morishige said. The classes are offered free to all tribal members and can be especially useful for those applying for a loan through the Home Loan Program.

Councilmembers, Amy J. Barry and Ramona Y. Eagle attended the first class last Thursday, February 26.

“Everyone can learn from financial literacy,” Barry said. “I to had to learn how to live within my own means.”

Eagle reassured tribal members that taking this class is a positive step forward for their financial futures.

“Money is apart of our everyday lives, we have to learn to manage it,” Eagle said. “I hope you all learn a lot, it’s important we teach our children and grandchildren how to manage their money.”

The youth is Tribal Credit’s next mission. In the near future, minors will be required to complete the course before they can access their trust money, he said.

According to Morishige, the financial literacy course will be offered fairly consistently throughout the year. It all depends on the number of tribal members who sign up, he said.

Anyone interested in signing up for the next course can call Tribal Credit at 970-563-0100 ext. 2460.



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