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Get Involved! Parenting in Education


In this issue we will look at ways to stay involved no matter your student’s age.

You can influence your child’s education at any grade level

Continue to discuss expectations about school regarding grades, homework, and attendance. You can modify these expectations according to your student’s age.

Share with your student

Have conversations often. As your student gets older it is important to share your opinions and offer guidance. Many issues can arise at the middle school and high school levels, especially regarding peer pressure and bullying. Your support and understanding can help your student through difficult times. Listen to what your student has to say and provide sound advice and feedback.

Discuss the future

It is never too early to start discussing your student’s goals about middle school, high school, or beyond. Talk about college and other educational options as your student progresses. Help him/her plan high school graduation goals and what might be viable options after your student graduates.

Keep teaching

Older students still need your help and guidance. Use every day examples to teach:

• Discuss money management and finances. Budgets, banking, and credit are a good place to start.

• Every day tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and home management can better prepare a student for life on their own.


Staying involved and supportive as your student continues in education will only enhance the success your student will achieve.



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