A success story


Joe, a local student, had been getting into trouble at school, yelling and being disrespectful to his mother, spending hours watching TV and playing video games, refusing to go outside, and generally making everyone miserable. Joe needed someone who cared about his feelings and, most importantly, a younger guy who could show him the ropes about life, because his father wasn’t available. Joe was in desperate need of a Big Brother.

Joe was matched with Bob about a year and a half ago. Bob, new to the mentoring game, is a college student, artist, and caring person. He came into the match armed to the teeth with a giving heart and an open mind. Now, Bob and Joe are like best friends. Joe’s grades have gone from a D average to B’s and C’s. He welded a lamp as a gift for his mother last Christmas. Joe told me that Bob and he have been looking into taking harder courses in high school and applying to colleges. This is a huge turn-around. How did it happen? Bob said it was no special gift, no challenge – he was just being himself.

This is a true story of a match made by Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) through their Community Based Program.

The Community Based Program matches positive role models with “Littles.” These mentors are members of the community willing to help our “Littles” find the path to being responsible, productive adults. The Community Based Program is all about having fun and building a long lasting, positive relationship.

We have had many Ignacio parents inquire about enrolling their children in the Community Based Program. Unfortunately, we don’t have any volunteer mentors in Ignacio at this time, but we desperately want to change that.

Becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister gives you the opportunity to make a real and meaningful impact on the community. At Big Brothers Big Sisters, we believe that moral and social values are best learned through everyday activities. No matter what you do together, a few hours with a Little Brother or Little Sister can become your most happy, productive time.

Isn’t it time you got involved? Call Caleb at the BBBS office at (970) 903-4231, or email him at caleb@bbig.org.






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