New year, new Drum

As you have probably already noticed the Drum has been downsized. And now you are wondering, “why?” The short answer is that it had to be done, and the long answer follows.

As of Wednesday, Dec. 24 Four Corners Printing located in Cortez – our previous printers – shut its doors. Its parent company, Ballantine Communications entered into a deal with The Farmington Daily Times to print all of its publications including: The Durango Herald, Cortez Journal, Dolores Star, Mancos Times and Pine River Times – thus leaving them with no need to keep Four Corners Printing open. 

With Four Corners Printing no longer in business, we were forced to look for a new printing partner. Ultimately, we decided to enter into a deal with The Farmington Daily Times.

Part of the deal required us, The Southern Ute Drum, to cut down our format to meet the requirements of the Farmington press operations – which is why the paper is smaller in size.

Nothing else has changed in regards to Drum operations. We will remain a bi-weekly paper hitting the newsstands every other Friday. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions, 970-563-0118.

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