Exchange students greeted with Ute culture

The students visiting Ignacio pose with tribal elders, Eddie and Bettie Box outside in Veteran's Memorial Park.
Damon Toledo | The Southern Ute Drum

The Southern Ute Indian Tribe was paid a special visit from a company of foreign exchange students who traveled from Los Angeles as part of the AFS-USA – formerly American Field Service – group. The students arrived in Ignacio during Bear Dance weekend to get a taste of the festivities. They were greeted by elders Eddie and Bettie Box on Tuesday, May 27 and were given a tour of tribal campus. The class made their way to the Council Chambers and was welcomed by Tribal Council. The group featured members from various nationalities including Thailand, Israel, Ghana, Netherlands, and more. AFS-USA works towards providing international and intercultural learning experiences to individuals through a global volunteer partnership.

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