Controlling prairie dogs on tribal land

As the prairie dog population continues to remain high in the surrounding area Colonies spread and move even closer to where people live. In some cases the best method of control requires the use of chemical pesticide. They can be very effective and relatively inexpensive to apply. However great care must be taken to ensure proper use and safety.

To aid in this many of the commonly used pesticides are restricted. Meaning in order to buy and apply these chemicals a person must be trained and licensed by the state of Colorado.

For a person who just wants to apply pesticides on their own property; a private applicator license is required. It is a simple process over seen by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. The program requires applications to pass a written exam.

Study materials are available, and the test can be taken one of two ways. A hard copy can be requested then mailed back once completed. Also the test is available on line at the Colorado Department of Agriculture web site. There are some costs that goes along with the process. The study materials are $20 and a $75 testing fee for a total of $95. It does not take a large investment of time to complete and it’s a good investment in the long run.

You can contact the Colorado Department of Agriculture at (303)239-4180 and access their web page with more information

Also the staff at the S.U.I.T. Agriculture Division is available to assist with this process. We can be reached at 970-563-0220 or feel free to stop by our office.

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