Equine Therapy workshops, free of charge! 

Native Connections

Looking for something new and fun to do with the family before school starts? 

Are you anxious about the new school year, new friends, or maybe you’re even dreading school? Do you struggle to compete with all the smart phones, social media sites and video games? 

The Southern Ute Native Connections Program and Horse Empower present to you the “Horse Power” opportunity. We are offering FREE family and individual workshops to Native American youth (24 years old and under) and their families on and near the Southern Ute Indian Reservation. Workshops are customizable to meet your individual and family needs. 

Areas of focus: 

  • Developing deeper connection, understanding and trust with your family members. 
  • Engage and connect with community members and peers. 
  • Learn about yourself, others and how to communicate together for better results – horses are masters at teaching us these skills! 
  • Understand & develop your leadership style. 
  • Live life with intention. 
  • To have fun and enjoy one another all the while learning about horses, herd behavior and horsemanship! 

Services available until September 30, 2021. 

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