Medicare: What do I have and what do I need?

 Turning 65 soon. It may be time to sign up for Medicare. Around your 65th birthday, you will have a sevenmonth window of time when you can sign up for Medicare. There is a penalty if you don’t sign up when you became eligible. Have ESRD/Kidney Disease or a qualifying disability? You may be eligible for benefits. 

Even though you have benefits through the Tribal Member Health Benefit Plan, all tribal members are required to apply for any benefits to which they may be entitled. Proof that other coverage has been denied is required by Federal Law prior to using Indian Health benefits. Your Tribal Member Health Benefit is the payer of last resort. Other payers may include Workers Compensation, Employee Benefits, Medicaid, Medicare or Veterans Benefits. Payment for care may be denied if the tribal member is non-compliant with this process. A letter was mailed out to all Southern Ute tribal members in January of 2020 regarding your enhanced benefits as well as the requirement to apply for alternate benefits. 

If You have any questions regarding your benefits, please contact Tribal Member Health Benefits at 970- 563-4742. You may also contact Erika Kososik at 970-563-2211 or Cindy Gallegos at 970-563-2203. 

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