State COVID-19 call center wait times reduced to 11 second


State added staff to increase access to information

Since Feb. 1, the COVID-19 call center has been operating at 24 hours per day, 7 days a week and since its launch on January 25 the state has quadrupled the number of call center representatives. There are now 200 staff taking calls. This has reduced the average wait time to 11 seconds, on average. Staffing continues to increase and adapt to meet demand. 

The call center handled 3,346 calls yesterday and is handling an average of 1,715 calls per day. Information and guidance provided by the call center is available in English and Spanish, as well as in other languages using an interpretation service.

“We’re excited to be able to help Coloradans navigate getting a COVID-19 vaccine and answer their questions,” said Alex Barba, Chief of Staff, Disease Control and Public Health Response Division at CDPHE. “With more staff members answering phones and 24-hour service, we are able to get to a lot more people much faster.”

This call center staff is trained to answer questions like, “Is the vaccine safe?” “What are the phases?” “Where can I get vaccine?” and “How do I sign up if I don’t have internet?”

To reach the call center, call 1-877-CO VAX CO (1-877-268-2926). Callers can choose to receive a courtesy callback instead of waiting. If they do so, it will show up as that same number. Coloradans with internet access could also use Continue to stay up to date by visiting:

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