Medical benefit plans for Southern Ute tribal members

Photo Credit: Southern Ute Health Services

The Southern Ute Indian Tribe offers its enrolled members a program to cover medical services. Beginning Sept. 1, 2019 the medical benefit transitioned from Anthem BCBS to Forest County Potawatomi Tribe as our third-party administrator. Enrolled Southern Ute tribal members are no longer covered by the Anthem BCBS card with a prefix beginning with ZUT.

Your current benefit card serves as your medical and pharmacy benefit. Your prescription benefits are administered by SilverbackRX Pharmacy Network. New cards were mailed out to tribal members in August of 2019. For informational services this is a sample of your current benefit card.

As always if you are covered by Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance these would be primary to your tribal member benefit.

If you did not receive a copy of your current benefit card or have any questions please contact the Tribal Member Health Benefit office at 970-563-4742 or the following Benefit Coordinators; Cindy Gallegos 970-563-2203, Erika Kososik 970-563-2211 or Savannah Benally 970-563-2204.

Due to the “Stay At Home Order” we continue to work from home but are phones are forwarded so that we may continue to assist the tribal membership. We hope that everyone is continuing to stay safe and well. Please continue to follow the Public Health Orders as issued to help slow or stop the spread of COVID-19.

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