Southern Ute Dental: FAQs 

The dental clinic is working toward restoring routine dentistry as soon and safely as possible. The community may be interested in what we are doing.  Below are some FAQs that will provide answers to some of the most common questions: 

Why are private dental practices open around town, but the Southern Ute Dental Clinic is only seeing emergencies? 

The ADA has put the responsibility of providing a safe environment on the dental practice, we are responding by making some substantial changes at the dental clinic.  

The ADA/CDC recommend enclosing the dental operatories and having a negative pressure room when creating aerosols (using a dental handpiece, air water syringe, and/or cavitron) – a negative pressure room neutralizes and vents air in the dental exam space to the outside environment. The air is perfectly safe once neutralized.  

What emergency dental treatment is the dental clinic providing? 

Please call the dental clinic if you are having severe dental pain and/or facial swellingA limited exam with x-ray will be completed and triaged if a true dental emergencyThe dental clinic is only doing simple extractions at this time. The dental clinic can refer patients for emergency root canals or surgical extractions to specialists in our area who have their offices safely set up for dental treatment. 

Why is dental only doing emergency treatment during COVID? 

Keep patient’s pain and infection under controlDecrease the spread of COVIDOur number one goal is to keep our patients, staff and families safe and healthy. 

What is the dental clinic doing so routine dentistry can start back up? 

Enclosing all dental rooms (so the aerosol molecules do not leave the room)Changing the dental clinic’s ventilation system in each dental operatory so enough air is changed over in each period of time to keep the air clean and COVID freeAdding HEPA filters to each dental operatory to filter out COVID. 

What can patients do during this time? 

Continue being a patient with the dental clinicUnderstand our goal is to keep all patients and staff as safe and healthy as possibleBe extra good with home care – brush and floss twice a dayIf a dental emergency (severe toothache and/or facial swelling) does occur, please call the clinic at 970-563-4719. 


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