Indigenous Seeds Keepers Network launches fundraising effort  

Indigenous Seeds Keepers Network

The Indigenous Seed Keepers Network Seed Drive is making a second push to raise funds to help reduce food insecurity as the health crisis continues. Beginning in March, the group pulled together seeds, packets and sent over 10,000 packets of seeds to 731 Indigenous families and organizations from 237 tribal nations across North America.  

Yesterday, the organization launched a GoFundMe Charity campaign with the goal of raising $10,000 for phase two of the seed drive- the creation of an Indigenous seed growers network, rooted in a comprehensive regional seed cooperative exchange model and scale up seed availability for this intertribal region. 

Contributions to the campaign will fund Indigenous farmers in cultivating and producing varieties of seeds which will be distributed to Indigenous communities throughout North America this coming fall and winter. Additionally, the organization will be providing training and support to the partners involved in the process of creating Seed Censuses and Seed Sovereignty Maps for their communities to further strengthen these vital efforts towards food sovereignty. 

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