Coronavirus: SUIT travel restrictions in effect

SU Health Services

As the Nation, the State of Colorado, and the Southern Ute Indian Tribe continue to assess the number of positive cases of COVID-19, the Southern Ute Tribal government is restricting all employee business travel for all business and governmental entities effective immediately. Given the availability of modern telecommunications tools to conduct meetings and conferences we are adopting this restriction out of an extreme sense of caution and in the belief we can maintain near normal operations using those tools.

Also, Until further notice, the Southern Ute Indian Tribe will not accept any contractors or business travelers who normally work or live outside the Four Corners region onto the Southern Ute Indian Reservation to conduct business with the Tribe. If further clarification is needed regarding the travel stipulations or business restrictions, please contact Mr. Don Brockus, Risk Manager, for the Southern Ute Indian Tribe at (970) 563-2449 or via email at

Staff and tribal members traveling off the reservation for personal reasons are strongly encouraged to utilize the recommended best practices for personal hygiene as recommended by the CDC to protect yourselves. Tribal employees returning from personal travel who have any reason to believe they have been exposed to COVID-19 or who have symptoms of respiratory illness must self-report to their immediate supervisor by telephone at the start of their next shift or sooner if at all possible.

The current directives, being issued by the Southern Ute Tribe’s COVID 19 Incident Command Team are designed to protect the elderly, those who are classified in the high-risk population for susceptibility, the tribal community and to maintain continuity of operations for our tribal government. We all share those responsibilities equally, and ask your cooperation, support and assistance in making these protective measures successful.

If you are a tribal member concerned about your symptoms, please contact your primary care provider or call the Southern Ute Health Center at 563-4581 to speak with a Health Care Professional.

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