What is Community and Home Health Services?

Community and Home Health Services is a department within Southern Ute Tribal Health. Over the years the Community and Home Health Services Department (CHS) has seen many changes; we have staff located in the clinic and the Mouache-Capote building for your convenience. We were previously called the Community Health Representative (CHR) department; our newest change is that the public health nurses are now part of the CHR, Community and Home Health Services team. Our staff consists of four public health nurses, a program manager, a secretary and 8 CHR’s.  The current role and job description of home health aides and CHR’s have been combined. We work with the part-time at-home caregivers who are often family members taking care of elders in their homes. All our staff are CPR and first aid certified; some are Certified Nurse’s Aides. The CHR’s go through an 8-week course with CHR modules to become CHR certified. The nurses have their Bachelor of Science Nursing degrees.


We serve approximately 120-160 Southern Ute elders, tribal members and other Natives. Our department offers clients the following:

  • home visits that include nursing care;
  • nurses and CHR’s offer blood pressure assessments at the Senior Center monthly.
  • companionship;
  • light housekeeping and other chores;
  • lifeline checks;
  • coordinate with local home care agencies, hospital home care and hospice
  • medication delivery;
  • transportation to dialysis or medical appointments
  • we also offer transportation to out of town appointments as needed


We are affiliated with the Regional CHR Association and the CHR’s attend these meetings. We were able to host this meeting last Spring. Our team recently taught an eight week Fall Risk Class, “A Matter of Balance”. We certified 6 elders from this class and will be represented by the CHR Association for being the first program to complete this course!

We hold an annual health fair along with Health Services. This event draws vendors and participants from the four-corners area, such as fire departments, health departments, home care agencies and physical therapy groups.

Our team collaborates with Shining Mountain on events such as the breastfeeding parent support group, diabetes classes and cooking matters. We also offer support for breast cancer, cervical and colorectal cancer awareness functions. The staff offers care for children while parents attend classes.

Staff from the Community and Home Health Services department are professionals and take pride in providing thoughtful and caring services to Tribal members, elders and this community.

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