ADA Accessibility adopted

Photo Credit: McKayla Lee | The Southern Ute Drum

The Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s Dental and Optometry Clinic located at 106 Capote Drive in Ignacio, Colo. has recently remodeled their building, to better serve the tribal membership, by implementing a new bariatric design.

The clinic worked with construction services and the Southern Ute Tribal Council to get the necessary approvals and complete the project. At the end of 2017, the clinic saw a need for self-opening doors as well as updates to the vision and dental work areas. In 2018, Tribal Council approved the proposed updates and in October of 2019, Construction Services installed all appropriate accommodations.

The front entrance to the clinic features a new automatic door system that auto-slides and closes. By choosing this design it will help people with varied abilities. It exceeds all American with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements for entries into buildings, while still complying with standard building codes.

In addition to the new door, construction services updated an optical room, a single bathroom and a dental operatory room. These updates not only accommodate wheelchairs, they are spaces wide enough for gurneys to go in and out in the event of a medical emergency.

The dental and optometry clinic made these updates to ensure the access of treatment for all patients.

“How can we expect people to take care of themselves if they can’t get in the building,” Southern Ute Chief Dental Officer, Andrea Talley stated. “We are [committed to] serving the membership and we’re here for you.”

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