Heal more, hurt less: Four elements of healing

“These key elements ensure healing will occur,” says Dr. Anita Sanchez. “When combined, they are a most powerful gift.”


  1. Listening— Listening is an essential, necessary practice for creating and sustaining relationships with others and yourself.


  1. Supportive Relationships— From the foundation of listening comes our capacity to build honest relationships. These supportive bonds give us the strength to heal what we need to heal in ourselves and to accept support from other beings — people, nature, and spirit.


  1. Unconditional Love— Unconditional love is our greatest treasure. We must find a seed of it inside ourselves that we protect. We can then support it to grow stronger through the process of healing without judgment, blame, shame, or separateness. Each of us is worthy of unconditional love by virtue of being alive.


  1. Committing to Positive Action— Committing to creative, positive action is a person’s decision to tell their story in a way that focuses on choices they can make; it’s how they can apply unconditional love to themselves by always bringing themselves back to self-acceptance, happiness, and joy. If you can do the hard work of healing, then ultimately that process brings you experiences of peace and joy.


For more information, visit her public website, www.FourSacredGifts.com, where you can view Anita’s TED Talk, “Humanity’s Hope: Connecting People, Earth and Spirit.”

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