SunUte water safety training

Aquatics Manager Tim Velasquez demonstrating a lifesaving skill on Roman Vasquez while guards look and learn. Rule #2: Always put a vest on your chest, (lifejacket).
Tim Velasquez, Andrew Morgan and Leela Rosa sharpen their skills at the annual recertification in-service for lifeguards. Rule #1: always learn to swim before you jump in.
End of two-day in-service for lifeguards. We are here to serve you! Rule # 3: Always have an adult watching you!
SunUte Community Center
SunUte Community Center
SunUte Community Center

SunUte lifeguards went through a two day in-service to better serve! Day one consisted of Mental Health First Aid for Youth taught by Sage Frane. Day two was a full day of policies, procedures, test taking and over 3 1/2 hours in the pool perfecting lifesaving skills lead by Tim Velasquez.

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