Cellphones down & buckle up

Grand prize drawing winner of an iPad mini – Ignacio High School Junior Christina Jenkins. 
Photo Credit: SUPD

The Southern Ute Police Department and the Southwest Regional Emergency & Trauma Advisory Council finished a driver safety campaign for the students at Ignacio High School.  During the school year, students with parking permits were given an option to display a second sticker in their windshield.  The sticker displayed the Ignacio Bobcat logo on the outside and the inside had a safety message that reminded the student to put their cellphones down and buckle up.  That message could be found inside dozens of student vehicles.  During the school year, SUPD would go through the parking lot and locate the vehicles with the safety message and approximately once per month, draw a random vehicle and award the driver with a safety kit.  Eight of the kits were given out during this school year.  The kits contained: jumper cables, safety reflectors, flashlight, gloves, first aid kit and more.  It even had a laminated card from the Colorado State Patrol that told the student what to do in case of a vehicle crash. At the end of the school year in May, we gave a grand prize drawing of an iPad mini to IHS Junior Christina Jenkins.  Congratulations to all our students and may they continue to stay safe by putting the cell phones down and buckling up.

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