What is People-First Language and why is it so important?

SU Tribal Health Department

People-First Language means addressing people in a way that puts the person first instead of the person’s disability diagnosis. People with disabilities are, after all, PEOPLE first. People with disabilities are everybody.

Here are some examples:

Say This                                                                  Not This

People with disabilities                                             the handicapped, the disabled

Person who has a congenital disability                   person with a birth defect

Person who has (or has been diagnosed with)…   person afflicted with, suffers from

Person with a physical disability                             a cripple

Accessible parking, bathrooms, etc.                        handicapped parking, bathrooms


The more considerate we are about the way we speak to each other and about each other, the more considerate we become in our behavior toward one another.

Our SUIT Vocational Rehabilitation program staff will be at the annual Career Fair on April 17 at the Ignacio High School and we will also be participating in the annual Color Run on April 24th at the Ignacio Middle School.

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