Does your mood change with the seasons?

Photo Credit: courtesy Bear Lake Memorial Hospital

Surviving the winter blues requires energy and essence preservation, but brings about the rewards of spring in the form of new beginnings, regeneration, and a revival of spirit. Many people struggle with seasonal affective mood issues, commonly referred to as seasonal affective disorder (SAD) – a depression related to the change in seasons. If you have felt this through the winter season, you are certainly not alone! Mostly EVERYONE experiences some low energy, being less productive, sleeping more and feeling some isolation.

Allow yourself the space to shift from hibernation to revitalization by reflecting on the past in which you had time to think about in the winter, checking in with yourself at the present, and setting goals for the future, this spring, to make the most of this new season. The impact of light and temperature on the human body is profound. We all need some level of light and warmth for our bodies to survive and thrive.

Three great ways to help shift from winter to spring are helpful for the awakening of a new season … SPRING!

Exercise, exercise, exercise. Moving your body on a regular basis has far-reaching, positive effects on your physical and emotional health. Walking around your neighborhood, doing push-ups, running around outside with children, spring cleaning, checking in on your New Year Resolution goals (You still have lots of time to accomplish)!

Get more light. Everyone needs to be exposed to sunlight on a daily basis. Since many jobs can be done indoors, this often takes effort. But the benefits are great, physically and emotionally. Our bodies absorb vitamin D, important to our health, from sunlight. And the energy and emotional boost that we get from a few minutes in the sun can be exceptional.

Talk it out. All transitions have their challenges, and it’s always easier when you’re talking to someone about it. Whether you’re talking to a friend, coworker, or therapist, let someone into your inner thoughts and experiences. Talk about your experiences of the winter and your expectations and new energy for spring! Spring is the time of rebirth, growth, and renewal. The Bear awakens from his winter’s sleep and celebrates by dancing to welcome the spring. Berries and fruit have been replenished to help him nourish his body and soul.

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