Mindful Eating … what’s it all about?

Mindful Eating.

You have probably come across this term in the news lately or read about it in newspapers and magazines. So why is this being thrown around like a Frisbee?

Well, in simple terms, because it can help give you better awareness around the food you are eating and why. If you have ever meditated, it is somewhat like that. When you meditate, often you focus on your breath. When you practice mindful eating, you focus on the food and what it is providing.

How do you do it? Experts in the field have many different ways of incorporating mindful eating to improve your relationship with food. Some of the principles of mindful eating are to be aware of your body. Are you hungry or are you eating due to stress or boredom? What does the food taste like? Is it sweet, salty, savory? How does it feel? Is it smooth, crunchy? It also incorporates how you feel about food.

Are you making judgements about what you are eating? Is it good for me or bad for me? With mindful eating, you would just notice the food without judging yourself and then feeling bad. When you eat mindfully, instead of “good or bad”, ask if it is nourishing your body in a healthy way? Are you enjoying your food? Are you satisfied?

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