Staying healthy as the weather cools

School is back in session and the colors of fall are here. As cold and flu season approaches, it is time to think about ways we can stay healthy. Here are a few.

  • Getting plenty of sleep, drinking 8 glasses of water every day, eating a healthy diet (or taking a vitamin if you don’t), and keeping your stress under control all help your body to fight viruses, and keep your immune system strong.
  • Handwashing is key to keeping viruses and bacteria from spreading. Remember to wash hands often, especially after using the bathroom, and before eating or touching your face. Use warm water and soap, and wash for 20 seconds before rinsing.
  • Get your flu shot. These are available at the Southern Ute Health Center for ages 6 months and up.
  • Avoid sick contacts. If you know someone is sick, give them space and allow them to rest and recover. If you have to be around them, be sure to wash your hands often.
  • Antibiotics do not help with the common cold or the flu. These viruses have to run their course, which usually takes 1 or 2 weeks.
  • Stay home if you are sick. It is good for your recovery and good for your coworkers or clients.
  • Probiotics are good bacteria that live in our bodies. Taking supplements or eating foods like yogurt can help you recover from diarrhea more quickly.
  • Cover your cough with a tissue, a mask, or your sleeve to protect those around you.

If you do get sick, here are some reasons to make an appointment with your provider. The Southern Ute Health Center has same day sick visits available. Call 970-563-4581 to schedule your appointment.

  • Trouble breathing or chest pain
  • Fever that doesn’t go away after a day or two
  • Vomiting that won’t let you to keep anything down
  • Throat pain so bad you can’t swallow
  • A cough that lasts more than 2 weeks
  • Stuffy nose and headache that get worse and not better




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