Tribal member health ID card and benefits



As we go into 2016 – We would like to remind you of a couple of important aspects when using your benefits provided by the Southern Ute Tribe.

Please make sure that you present the Tribal Health ID card to your doctor on your next visit as this will help to get the your bills processed quicker and will help you to utilize all the aspects of the plan and assist you in coordinating your medical plans. This will also assist in avoiding unnecessary delays and/or collection notices. This card gives your provider the critical information they need to file claims on your behalf.

Use First Health Contracted Providers whenever possible! This will provide you with the highest level of benefits.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the contacts listed below from the Tribal Health Department:

Erika Atencio, 970-563-4704

Misha Weaver, 970-563-4716

Cindy Gallegos, 970-563-4813


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