Health Plan update to membership medical bills

Tribal Health Department is working hard to improve our services to you and your family and currently we are hoping to review medical bills that may have resulted in collection notices to you or family members but that should have been covered by the Tribal Member Health Benefits Plan or federal funds.

If you have received any notices in the past year from doctors’ offices, facilities or collection agencies that remain unresolved, please contact our department with copies of documentation sent to you so we can assist you. Although the Tribe may not be responsible for paying these bills, we want to determine whether Tribal Members are getting billed for services that should be billed through the Tribal Member Health Benefit Plan or covered by the federal government.

Please note our review will not include medical services provided to you without prior approval (also known as prior authorization) in accordance with IHS Contract Health Services rules or for services received from providers outside of your health plan network that are not eligible for coverage under the Tribal Member Health Benefits Plan.

Therefore, we may need you to provide us with additional paperwork to facilitate payment of your medical bills by the appropriate party, which, in some cases, may be you.


Please contact our Benefit Coordinators

Health Benefit Claims (First Health) & Benefits: Erika Atencio at 970-563-4704, or Misha Weaver at 970-563-4716,

Contract Health Claims (CHS) & Benefits: Elizabeth Gallegos at 970-563-4813,





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