Dr. Michael Torres says goodbye

Dr. Michael Torres says farewell after elven months serving the Southern Ute Indian Tribe.
Photo Credit: Damon Toledo | The Southern Ute Drum

After a total of eleven months serving the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, Dr. Michael Torres, chief medical officer of the Southern Ute Health Center has officially signed off. He quotes that working for the tribe has been an honor as well as an achievement, all while providing the best care for the Southern Ute people.

Torres was born and raised in Miami, Florida where he got a head start in higher education during his high school years. He began working with the fire department after spending years in the Marine Corps. From there, Torres was introduced to emergency medical services while working with paramedics. This would eventually spark his interest pursuing a career in the medical field, leading him to obtain his license after graduating medical school in 1985. Torres quoted that even though he’ll be further away from the tribe, his heart will always remain in Ignacio.

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