Safety isn’t just for one month

Property & Facilties director, Steve Williams
National Safety Month display
Building Maintenance Division
Property & Facilties director, Steve Williams demonstrates to Building Maintenance employee Travis Nanaeto proper safety procedures when securing a safety harness.
Risk Management’s National Safety Month display in the Hall of Warriors of the Leonard C. Burch Administration Building during June.
Members of Building Maintenance Division receive awards for their safety from Risk Management on Wednesday, July 2 in the Hall of Warriors.
Trennie Collins | The Southern Ute Drum
Sacha Smith | The Southern Ute Drum
Fabian Martinez | The Southern Ute Drum

The First Annual Southern Ute Indian Tribe Permanent Fund National Safety Month (NSM) came to an end after one month and a week of fun filled safety information.

Provided material from the National Safety Council supplied educational material and resources on the following safety themes each week: week one: Put an end to distracted driving; week two: Be aware of your surroundings; week three: Stop slips, trips and falls; week four: Prevent prescription drug abuse; and week five: Summer safety.

It was a successful month and effort to bring safety to the forefront of Tribal employee’s minds.  Subsequently, the Southern Ute Indian Tribe Risk Management Division recorded ZERO workman compensation claims for the whole month of June! However, NSM could not have been possible without the combined efforts and contributions from the following people:

•          The Southern Ute Indian Tribe for allowing Risk Management to do NSM

•          Kathi Gurule for her support and guidance

•          Eddie Box Jr. and DNR GIS for doing the printing for the posters

•          The Wildlife Division for the use of their laminating materials

•          DNR for the use of their paper cutter

•          Building Maintenance (Jeff Hopkins) for their help with setting up the display area

•          The Southern Ute Indian Montessori Academy for their supplies

•          The Purchasing Division for their supplies

•          MIS (Garan Shaw) for the use of and help with the computer for the display

•          Custodial Services Division Head, Jess Baidwan for presenting a safety talk and demo on Situational Awareness during week two

•          Property & Facilities Department Director Steve Williams  and Building Maintenance employees Les John, Travis Nanaeto & Anthone Eagle-Joseph for presenting a safety talk and demo on Aerial devices, fall protection, scaffolds and ladders during week three

•          Lt. Chris Naranjo and SUPD for being a host site for taking back unwanted prescription drugs for proper disposal

•          Paige Kapp and the Southern Ute Health Center Pharmacy for also being a host site for taking back unwanted prescription drugs for proper disposal

•          Everyone who participated in the month long events (i.e. pledges, safety talks, quiz corners, eating candy out of the bowl, etc.)

•          Andi Cook-Hiett who helped out while Risk Management was out of the office during week two

•          People who contributed information and ideas to include in emails (Tom Johnson, Marshal Cote, and Lisa Allen)

•          Tribal First, the Tribe’s insurance provider for supplying many of the prize awards people won throughout the month

•          The Drum for covering events

•          Lastly, thanks to everyone who provided encouragement throughout the whole month.


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