Tribe introduces new Health Benefit Program

The Southern Ute Indian Tribal Council is pleased to announce improvements to the Tribal Member Health Benefit Program, effective Oct. 1.

The program has been in place since 2003, serving the members’ needs. After much study and consideration, several improvements in the plan have been developed to meet two specific goals:

  • Provide the membership with a Tribal Health Benefit Identification Card to improve the access to needed services with doctors and hospitals around the country.
  • Efficiently manage the cost of providing services to our members so the plan is financially stable in the coming years.

The enhancements in the program are a great improvement for our members, and all should benefit greatly. As the implementation of these improvements is new to tribal membership, I would ask that you please be patient with staff at the Tribal Health Department as they are training to be your guides.

These new benefits will take time for everyone to become acquainted with, and we will do our best to provide the customer service that every tribal member deserves.

On Sept. 19, a tribal membership general meeting was held to give the membership more information about the improvements. Representatives from the Tribal Health Department were on hand to discuss the details of the improvements and how to utilize the health benefits.

This program is designed to service membership on and off the reservation, around the country. The plan is designed to mirror the employee plan of the Permanent Fund. The Tribal Council would like to give the best opportunity for health care to the membership.

Every member is automatically enrolled in the program and will be able to choose their own primary caregiver within the network. The first six months of the program will not require any in-network compliance. Currently, the Tribal Health Department is sending out more than 1,000 letters to medical providers across the country, inviting them to join the network.

This list is based on providers used by membership during the past three years who have been paid by the past Tribal Member Health Benefit Program. Chances are, if you have utilized the Health Benefit Program, your provider will receive a letter of invitation.

Please keep an eye out in the mail for your new Tribal Health Benefit Identification Card. As a reminder, if you are an enrolled member of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, you are automatically enrolled in the program.

If you have any further questions, individuals from the Tribal Health Department are on hand to answer them or schedule a time to meet at your convenience. Please call 970-563-4742.

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